How Do I Get Peacock on My Sony Smart TV?

If you are experiencing problems streaming Peacock TV, several things could help: rebooting your router/modem combination or resetting the Roku device may provide temporary solutions.

Try the following suggestions to fix your Peacock TV problem: adding it to your home screen, clearing its cache and reinstalling.

How Do I Get Peacock on My Sony Smart TV?

Signing up for a Peacock account

Installing Peacock on a Sony Smart TV is a straightforward process. First, download and install the app from Google Play Store; next connect your Sony Smart TV to the same Wi-Fi network as your Android phone or tablet; launch Peacock and log in using your credentials – then enjoy Peacock!

Once logged in, Peacock offers movies, TV shows and live programs ranging from movies and TV series to popular sports events and news programs – once free but now with paid subscription options.

If you are experiencing any issues with the Peacock app, try clearing its cache to see if this helps solve random glitches in it. Alternatively, using your remote’s Home button reset device which will wipe all TV settings and app data clean. If that doesn’t work reinstalling will likely fix any issue you are encountering with Peacock App.

Adding Peacock to your home screen

Peacock is compatible with various Smart TV models from Samsung, LG and Sony. To access it on your Smart TV, simply access its app store and search for Peacock in there – once installed you’ll be streaming content directly onto it while creating or signing in to an account if necessary.

Homeowners with a Samsung Smart TV from 2017 or later, Hisense VIDAA Smart TV (2021 or later), LG Smart TV running WebOS 3.5 or later and Apple TV 4th Gen or later devices running tvOS 13 should find installing and streaming with Peacock easy.

If you are having issues using the app, rebooting both your router and modem may help to increase network speeds, potentially solving the issue. If that fails, reinstalling may also help resolve it.

Clearing the app’s cache

Having difficulty running Peacock on your Sony smart TV? It may be related to its cache. Apps use this temporary storage area to save data that has been frequently used and it can become full over time, reducing performance on your television screen. Luckily, most Sony models make clearing cache easy!

To do this, navigate to the Peacock app’s settings and choose “Clear Cache.” This will delete your device’s stored data and should resolve any problems with the app.

However, if any persist, consider performing a factory reset of your TV – this should erase all settings, including those related to Peacock app – thus potentially fixing most problems associated with this application. Alternatively, Sony may offer up-to- date service status information or offer repairs/replacements free of charge.

Reinstalling the app

If Peacock is failing to work on your Sony Smart TV, there may be an issue with its server. Reinstalling may help solve the issue but may cause further delay when streaming content. In order to monitor server health more closely it would also be useful to use a down-detector tool.

The Peacock TV app is compatible with most Sony Android and Google Smart TVs, Roku TVs and LG Smart TVs. To install it on your television screen, first connect to the same Wi-Fi network as your phone or tablet; then access Google Play Store from your television, search for and select Peacock app before clicking “Install” button.

After installing the app, unplug your router/modem power plug from its wall socket for two minutes and wait. Plug back in the cable, turn on your TV, and peacock TV will restart working!

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