How to AirPlay to a Sony TV

Sony recently unveiled a software update to enable its TVs to support AirPlay and HomeKit, meaning users can stream content directly from iPhone/iPad and control their television using Siri and Home app.

To use this feature, connect both devices to a Wi-Fi network that shares an AirPlay feature, then ensure both devices support it.

How to AirPlay to a Sony TV

Connect your iPhone or iPad to the same Wi-Fi network

Today’s modern age of technological convergence requires seamless content sharing across devices. Sony TVs support Apple AirPlay technology which enables you to stream from an iPhone or iPad onto a television screen via streaming technology.

To activate AirPlay on a Sony TV, it is essential that both iPhone and iPad are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and updated to their respective software versions.

To share the screen of your iPhone or iPad on Sony TV, launch Control Center on Apple device and choose “Screen Mirroring.” For earlier iOS versions, tap AirPlay Audio for playing music through speakers; when finished streaming content onto Sony TV from list of available devices. Afterward, make sure you turn off Screen Mirroring!

Turn on the AirPlay feature

Users often find the AirPlay feature of their iPhone or iPad invaluable when sharing content with friends or preparing last-minute presentations, but if it suddenly stops working it can be extremely annoying – in which case Sony customer support should be contacted to resolve the problem immediately.

Step one in troubleshooting involves connecting both devices to the same Wi-Fi network, followed by opening Control Center and selecting Screen Mirroring icon before selecting Sony TV from list of available devices.

Once you know which content you wish to stream, simply tap the AirPlay video or audio icon and follow the steps. Select whether to display all or only specific apps. When finished, turn off screen mirroring so as to prevent accidental streaming from iOS device to TV screen.

Check for updates

Sony Smart TV models equipped with Apple’s AirPlay 2 technology enable users to screen mirror content directly from an iPhone or iPad onto your television screen. If you are having difficulty connecting, updating the firmware on your television could help ensure it supports this feature.

AirPlay not working can also be due to an unstable Wi-Fi connection, so be sure your

Sony TV, iPhone and/or iPad are connected to a reliable network and reboot both devices as a solution if necessary.

Unfortunately, there are other ways of connecting an iPhone or iPad to a Sony TV without using AirPlay. One such method is through third-party applications like AirDroid Cast which provides an intermediary platform between iOS devices and Sony TVs; you can stream audio/video content as well as pictures taken with your mobile phone camera directly onto Sony TV screens via this app.

Enter the AirPlay code

Sony TVs support screen mirroring and airplay functionality that enables users to cast any image from separate devices directly onto their television screens. While this feature can be great, if it stops working there may be several solutions you can try in order to restore it back into operation.

Before connecting your device and Sony TV to the same Wi-Fi network, verify that both are using AirPlay on both devices. You may require entering a code to connect. If you encounter difficulties connecting, contact Sony customer service for more assistance.

Once both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, AirPlay can be activated. To do so, launch Control Center on your iPhone and tap AirPlay’s icon; a list of available devices will then appear; select Sony TV from this list and start streaming content!

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