How to Close Apps on Sony TV

How to Close Apps on Sony TV To close applications on Sony television, it is easiest to use its Home button on the remote control’s Home button. Press it until the Apps menu appears on-screen and navigate directly to the program you wish to close before pressing once more to close it out.

Force-stopping an app should only be used as a last resort, but can help resolve performance issues with certain programs. Here are some tips for closing apps on Sony TV:

How to Close Apps on Sony TV

Force stop

There may come a time when an app on your Sony Android TV stops working properly, such as video streaming choppy or laggy app functionality. When this occurs, force-closing an application may be the answer – this simple first aid solution works across many devices including Android TVs and set-top boxes alike.

You can force-stop an application by going into the Apps Gallery and using your remote to select it from there. After selecting, pressing Home on your remote to open a pop-up menu with all information about that app in it.

Clicking the info icon will allow you to force-stop an app and all associated processes, while not losing any saved data or settings. Use this method only as a last resort as it could lead to stability issues.

Clear cache

When apps on your Sony TV start acting up, clearing their cache and data may help. Doing this may help resolve minor issues while also helping prevent crashes or freezes from recurring; but be wary – clearing cache may cause your apps to lose login information and preferences that make their use convenient – which could become extremely irritating if used regularly.

Cache storage is used by smartphones and computers to quickly access information that needs to be stored, thus decreasing loading times and improving performance. Over time however, it may become overfilled leading to issues with its performance on either device.

To clear the cache on a Sony TV, first launch the Apps menu and then select those apps whose cache you would like to clear before pressing and holding OK on the remote to open options menu and selecting “Clear cache” option from it. If this does not resolve your issues then a hard reset or factory reset might be required – see here for more info.

Clear data

Caches are temporary storage locations that store frequently-accessed data on devices like smartphones, computers and smart TVs. While their main function is speedy data access times, over time their capacity may become overwhelmed and cause performance issues on these devices. Clearing your Sony TV cache is quick

and simple so that you can maximize its potential.

Start by accessing the Apps menu of your Sony TV by pressing the home button on your remote or selecting “Menu”. When in the Apps menu, use directional buttons to find and close any app you would like. Use force stop option to close and delete app cache which should resolve issue. If that does not work try factory resetting which will reset all of its settings resolving problem as it should do for other models too.


Your Sony TV apps may become frozen and inoperable from time to time, which could require force closing the application to resolve this issue. Doing this will clear out any conflicting processes which may have caused it to freeze up or crash and save any unnecessary waiting.

If the issue persists, try uninstalling or hiding an application – this will clear out its cache and any data associated with it, providing a simple yet effective solution that could save both time and hassle.

To uninstall an app from your Sony TV, first connect to the internet and then select the “Apps” icon at the home screen or press and hold the Home button to access a list of installed apps. From here, highlight any app you wish to uninstall by pressing its center button on the remote (this opens a menu) before choosing “Info” as per usual and viewing its details.

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