How to Connect a Sony Sound Bar to Your TV

Connecting your Sony sound bar to your TV offers multiple connectivity options: HDMI, optical or Bluetooth.

HDMI ARC connections are ideal if both your television and soundbar support them; additionally, they’re the most practical way of connecting these two components together.

To use this connection method, first power off both devices. Next, connect an optical cable from the soundbar’s optical input port to your TV’s optical output port using this connection method.

How to Connect a Sony Sound Bar to Your TV


If your TV supports HDMI connectivity, the easiest and best way to connect a Sony soundbar to it is using an HDMI cable. Not only is this connection method straightforward and provides optimal audio quality; it can also work seamlessly with most Blu-ray players and streaming devices.

Option two is Bluetooth connection, a quick and straightforward method but limited by quality of connection. Therefore, to maximize efficiency it is crucial that both soundbar and TV support Bluetooth; additionally, other Bluetooth devices should not interfere with each other close to the soundbar to avoid potential interference issues.

To set up this connection, ensure that an optical cable is plugged into both your soundbar and television simultaneously, then alter your TV source settings with your soundbar remote control to set your soundbar to play audio from your TV source. After making these adjustments, your soundbar should begin playing audio from it automatically – to switch input simply select an alternate HDMI input on your television screen.


Regardless of whether your TV supports HDMI ARC ports or does not, connecting it to a Sony soundbar using a digital optical audio cable may still be possible. Before making this connection, first ensure both soundbar and TV can process incoming signal (for instance stereo or Dolby Digital support); you can find this information within your sound settings of the television.

For optimal optical cable use, first locate the Optical Out port on your TV and Optical In port on your soundbar, before inserting one end of your cable in each appropriate port ensuring its connectors click firmly into place.

Next, change your TV’s audio output into a format compatible with a soundbar’s decoding abilities, such as stereo or PCM. For this step you may require accessing your system or expert settings; additionally it is best practice to disconnect optical cables when not being used as this will protect them from being damaged by inadvertent use.


When connecting a Sony soundbar via Bluetooth, make sure all cables are tightly plugged in and your TV’s audio output setting is set to “Audio Device”. If your connection fails, this could be due to defective cables; double check all wires are securely attached in their appropriate ports before tightening them further.

To connect a Sony soundbar to your television via HDMI, look for an input port supporting Audio Return Channel (ARC). Plug one end of a premium high-speed HDMI cable into one end of the IN port on your television and plug the other end into the ARC jack on the soundbar; make sure it meets all requirements! Alternatively, optical digital audio cables may allow access to this connection if both TV and sound bar support this input – however this method will prevent control features such as power interlock and volume adjustment from the remote control feature of power interlock and volume controls when using optical connections compared with direct connections that support Audio Return Channel (ARC).


One of the easiest and fastest ways to connect your Sony sound bar to your television is using Bluetooth technology. This method requires no cables at all! To connect, simply turn on your speaker and put it into pairing mode before switching over your audio settings on your television to Bluetooth output mode and switching off output sound from there. As soon as this connection has been successfully established, its indicator light on your soundbar should start flashing quickly to show that everything has worked correctly.

Verify that both your TV and soundbar are Bluetooth compatible; most are. An HDMI cable with ARC functionality can help connect these devices; simply check that there’s an “ARC” or “HDMI ARC” port behind your television screen, then connect one end of an HDMI cable from both ends – one end to your television, another end to the soundbar – through one of their respective HDMI IN or OUT ports before going back into your audio settings to enable ARC functionality on your television set.

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