How to Connect a Sony Soundbar to a TV

There are various methods of connecting a Sony soundbar to a TV, with HDMI ARC or optical cables being the easiest and fastest solutions. They are both straightforward setup processes with rapid connection speeds.

First, power off both your TV and soundbar before connecting an optical cable from your TV’s Optical Digital Audio Out port to its OPTICAL IN port on your soundbar.

How to Connect a Sony Soundbar to a TV


One of the easiest and best ways to connect a Sony soundbar to your TV is via
HDMI, providing maximum response and quality from both components. In order to use HDMI you’ll need an ARC-compliant television as well as one equipped with HDMI inputs in its soundbar.

Optic digital cables offer another means of connecting your soundbar and TV, offering an affordable yet high-quality audio experience. These can usually be found at electronics stores.

To connect a Sony soundbar with a television using an optical cable, first locate and remove plastic protectors from both audio output ports of both devices. Insert one end of the cable into either your TV’s audio output port or soundbar’s optical digital input port – once connected, your television should automatically recognize and start playing audio through it!


If your TV and soundbar do not feature HDMI ports, optical digital audio cables offer high-quality audio playback with simple operation – however they do limit special features like HDMI ARC.

Before using an optical audio cable, ensure the input and output ports are properly connected. Check that the cable fits securely into its designated port on your TV, with matching connector shapes; connect its other end to your soundbar’s Optical Input terminal for proper functioning.

To activate optical audio output on your television, navigate to its System, Sound or Expert settings and enable the Optical Audio Output option. Steps for this may differ depending on your model; please consult your TV manual for specific guidance. Once connected, enjoy high-quality audio from your television through Sony soundbar – as well as control its connection via its remote.


Regardless of not having HDMI, Sony soundbars can still be connected to TV using an optical cable if necessary. Simply ensure the correct port is used on both devices, and adjust your TV input settings according to where your soundbar’s source comes from. However, be aware that any features requiring HDMI connections (power

interlock and remote control) won’t be accessible using this method.

Connect an optical audio cable from your TV’s Optical digital out port to the OPTICAL IN jack on your soundbar, then press either its Bluetooth button or remote pairing button (this may vary depending on your model) to activate Bluetooth pairing mode and pair your soundbar with TV; follow on-screen instructions and pair your device successfully so you can play music and access sound settings using its remote.


If you own a Sony soundbar, audio that cuts in and out can be caused by wire connections or Bluetooth devices. Shortening connecting wires may help fix this issue; however, this could worsen sound quality so an AV receiver would likely provide better solutions.

At first, locate both HDMI ports on both devices; switch both off; switch the HDMI input setting to TV; plug one end of an HDMI cable into each HDMI IN and OUT port on both devices and switch audio output settings to TV; if this doesn’t work try adjusting your TV’s sound delay/sync setting (often located under sound options menu) until this does work or consider other connection methods as solutions.

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