How to Connect Sony TV to WiFi Without a Remote

There are multiple methods available to you for connecting your Sony TV without using a remote, such as using mobile hotspot on your smartphone. Unfortunately, this approach consumes considerable data.

Use a mouse and keyboard to connect your TV to wifi using another method; plug these devices into the USB ports on the back of your television set.

How to Connect Sony TV to WiFi Without a Remote

Method 1: Using a Keyboard or Mouse

One of the easiest ways to connect your Sony TV to wifi without using a remote is with a keyboard or mouse. Simply plug its USB end into a USB port on the TV, wait until it recognizes it, then move around to navigate menu options using its cursor on-screen.

Once in the menu, navigate to “Network” or “Wireless Setup” and follow the on- screen instructions to connect your TV to Wi-Fi. When connected, unplug ethernet cable and use mobile phone app’s remote app as remote controller – although remember this method only provides temporary connections – in order for permanent solutions please purchase new Sony TV remote control device(s).

Method 2: Using a Companion App

If you don’t have access to a keyboard and mouse, there are other methods available for connecting your TV to WiFi. A companion app for your smartphone may enable you to manage Sony TV’s network settings and connect it to the Internet.

First, determine whether your television has an Ethernet port. If it does, obtain a long enough Ethernet cable to reach your router and connect one end of it directly to its port on your television set.

Simply open the “TV SideView” app on your smartphone, choose Sony TV from the list of networks and enter your password – once this step is complete, your Sony TV will be connected to the Internet and all its features can be enjoyed!

Method 3: Using a Wi-Fi Dongle

If your Sony TV remote has stopped functioning properly or you need to connect your television to WiFi without using wireless mice, there are some easy solutions available to you. Try combining keyboard and mouse, Wi-Fi dongle or Ethernet cable as these devices are widely available and can connect your television with the internet.

Step One involves finding and plugging keyboard and mouse into your TV’s USB port, typically found at either its back or side. Your TV should detect this device and display a cursor on screen; Step Two involves accessing Network Settings menu and choosing Wireless Setup as the solution to completing setup.

If you’re having difficulty connecting your Sony TV to a wireless network, try using a

video-streaming app such as Video & TV SideView – this free Android application lets you access and manage your Sony TV from your Android smartphone.

Method 4: Using a Wi-Fi Router

If your Sony TV remote has gone missing or your router needs replacing, there are still ways to connect it to Wi-Fi without using its app. A USB keyboard and mouse may help navigate its menus and network settings; or use an Ethernet cable directly connect it.

These two methods of connecting your Sony TV to Wi-Fi are relatively easy and most of them feature an Ethernet port on either the back or side of their devices. To connect using an Ethernet cable, just connect one end to an available port on your television while plugging the other into one on your router.

Once your TV is connected to WiFi, using Wi-Fi Direct you can stream videos, photos, and music directly from your computer to it via streaming media. For more information on how to enable this feature visit Sony’s website or refer to your TV’s instruction manual.

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