How to Connect Sony TV With Samsung Mobile Phones

Samsung mobile phones feature built-in screen mirroring capabilities compatible with most Sony TVs, making connection easy. Your device and television must both be on the same WiFi network; to complete setup you may require a wireless display receiver such as ScreenBeam Mini2.

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How to Connect Sony TV With Samsung Mobile Phones


If both your Samsung mobile device and Sony television are Miracast-Certified, using Screen Mirroring will allow you to display the phone’s screen onto your television screen. To start this process, drag down from the top of your mobile screen until the notification bar slides down, then tap “Screen Mirroring” or “Smart View.” Your mobile will then scan for nearby Miracast Receiver devices before pairing with them if asked; follow on-screen instructions if prompted for a PIN code before entering it on screen to pair and pair both devices successfully.

If you’re having difficulties connecting your Sony TV and Samsung phone, try the following troubleshooting strategies: *Ensure Internet Connectivity* Make sure both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network or use wired connections instead for better network reliability* Upgrade Firmware Update* Make sure both phones have installed all current firmware updates; outdated software may cause compatibility issues during screen sharing/casting


Step one in connecting a Samsung mobile phone to a Sony TV should be to make sure both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network, to ensure screen mirroring works as intended. Furthermore, make sure no guest networks or hotspots exist that could reduce quality of connection.

Simply connect their Android device to their TV using “Screen mirroring” from their Quick notifications panel on their Samsung Galaxy smartphone and enjoy their favorite shows and movies without fear of missing a scene!

Screen mirroring is an awesome feature of smartphones and tablets; unfortunately, not all phones and tablets come equipped with it natively. If this is the case for you, an app which enables content streaming onto a Sony Bravia TV may still work – these apps are free and work well with most models of phones and tablets.


Plex server can help organize and stream a large media collection to multiple devices at the same time. Installing the free Plex app on any of your computers, phones, tablets or TVs to access its contents will give access to everything on the server. Dedicated hardware should be used as this requires more storage capacity

and processing power than typical laptop or desktop PC computers.

Starting up Plex is simple. First, install the Plex server software on the computer where your media files reside. Next, use the app to access and connect with your server and create an account with Plex.

Once your Plex server is established, it’s easy to mirror your mobile screen onto Sony TV. Make sure both devices are running the latest versions of Plex and connected to the same WiFi network for optimal communication between them.

Smart View

If you own both a Samsung smartphone and Sony television, Smart View makes connecting them incredibly straightforward. Utilizing Miracast technology, this screen-mirroring feature allows you to mirror the display from your phone on to the big screen for viewing photos, videos, or games on larger displays.

Smart View is available for both Android and iOS phones. To use it, first connect both devices to the same WiFi network; once that is done, open your Samsung notification panel and select Smart View in it.

The app will search automatically for compatible devices and connect with them. When it finds a Sony TV, use either the em dash icon or asterisk symbol to scan its QR code displayed on screen; or manually input its PIN number if needed. This method should work on most phones and TV models; however it may not support older phones or unsupported models.

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