How to Factory Reset a Sony Bravia TV

Factory Resetting your Sony TV erases all apps on your device and clears away any personal information pertaining to you. It can also clear errors or other data stored on it – this process should take several minutes, first unplugging it then pressing and holding both Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously for two minutes until a green light appears onscreen.

How to Factory Reset a Sony Bravia TV


Factory Resetting your Sony Bravia will clear away accumulated error information and close applications that have impeded its performance, similar to power cycling but more comprehensively as it resets settings from higher levels.

Before unplugging and replugging the television power cord (mains lead), allow it to remain without electricity for approximately two minutes before plugging it back in; this will release any residual charge and restore your television back to its factory settings.

After finding and pressing and holding both the power and volume down buttons on your Sony Bravia TV for 10-30 seconds, release them when a power icon appears on-screen and reconnect the power cable before powering on. This should resolve any picture or sound problems; otherwise try performing a forced factory data reset instead.

Soft Reset

Factory resets are typically undertaken to address problems like sound delays or slow TV performance, but before resorting to such drastic measures it’s a good idea to first explore other solutions like power cycling which may resolve more of your issues than any factory reset could ever hope to. A power cycle won’t erase your personal settings like factory reset would do and may help solve many other problems too!

To perform a power cycle, unplug your TV and wait a few minutes to allow any residual electricity to drain away before plugging it back in and turning it on again – this should often solve minor issues.

If you prefer, for a more advanced method of factory reset you can use buttons located on your TV to do it yourself. Depending on its model, these may be on either the right side, left side or bottom of the device. Unplug it, hold both Power button and Volume Down buttons together at once until green LED light appears, then continue holding until TV powers back on again.

Forced Reset

A factory reset of your Sony Bravia TV can erase all personal settings you have made and restore its default factory settings, potentially helping resolve issues such as poor picture or sound quality, disconnected WiFi networks and incoherence between

menu items. Unfortunately, however, a factory reset cannot guarantee that these issues will go away permanently.

To perform a forced reset, first unplug your television and press and hold both of its power and volume down buttons simultaneously for at least 15 seconds while pressing in its plug; once replugged in, keep holding these buttons until a green light appears onscreen – the location may differ depending on which model TV is being used.

Note that performing a factory data reset will also clear all downloaded applications, including Wi Fi settings and google account settings apps. It is advised to carry out this procedure if selling the TV to ensure its new owner cannot gain access to personal information stored on it.

Reset Options

If your Sony TV is having issues, such as sound delay or slow performance, a Factory Reset could be beneficial – though only after all other attempts at fixing have failed. Doing this will erase everything on it — including personal settings and data that might exist therein.

To perform a factory reset on your TV, unplug its mains lead and press and hold both power and volume down buttons until a white LED light appears – this may take up to 30 seconds. Plug it back in then continue pressing them until a white LED light appears – you should also keep pressing these buttons during that period as well.

This process will clear all customer settings, including Google account settings. After this procedure is complete, apps may require you to sign back into them again. Before selling your TV to ensure the new owner cannot gain access to your account or run faster thanks to its factory reset removing old data that causes lag issues.

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