How to Get Peacock on My Sony Smart TV

Peacock, from NBC Universal, offers a vast library of television shows and movies for streaming. Content can be watched for free; however, live TV viewing requires a subscription plan.

If Peacock won’t load, try restarting your Sony TV to clear its app cache and refresh its network settings. Restarting will reset these elements of functionality.

How to Get Peacock on My Sony Smart TV


Peacock is a premium streaming service offering an expansive library of video content, from original television shows and movies, blockbuster sports events and free tier content – including its limited selection – without incurring monthly subscription fees. To maximize the experience on Peacock, a compatible smart TV or streaming device must be present.

To use Peacock on your Sony TV, the first step is downloading its app from Google Play Store. Once installed, the Peacock app allows you to stream movies and television shows straight to your TV; alternatively you can also use Chromecast technology to cast Peacock directly from your phone onto the big screen.

If the Peacock app on your Sony TV is malfunctioning, try restarting or factory resetting to clear out all settings and app data and see if that solves your issue. If not, contact Sony customer support for further help.


Peacock TV is a streaming service offering shows like Notre Dame Hockey 2022- 2023 and movies, available to Samsung smart TV users. Once connected to the internet, simply navigate to Apps in the lower section of your home screen and search for Peacock. Once found, simply click “Add to Home” button within its details page for it to become part of your home page experience.

Installing Peacock on a smart TV can often be straightforward. Simply make sure the TV is connected to the Internet, then navigate directly to its app store. Methods may differ depending on which type of television model is being used.

Peacock is compatible with most smart TVs, including Apple’s 4th Generation Apple TV, Roku TVs and LG Smart TVs from newer generations, Amazon Fire TV devices and Roku Streaming Sticks. For more information about compatibility please visit the Peacock website.


If you’re having issues streaming Peacock on your Sony smart TV, try restarting it first; this often resolves video and streaming app problems. If that does not solve them, test out your Internet connection – it may not support streaming reliably enough; for added peace of mind consider subscribing to an efficient VPN service for

faster streaming capabilities.

Peacock is available on an extensive array of TVs and devices. Consumers with Samsung smart TVs, Android TVs, Hisense VIDAA TVs, LG TVs with WebOS 3.5 or later and LG TVs that support Chromecast or Apple TV can download the app directly through their device’s app store or stream it via Chromecast or Apple TV from their phone or computer.

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If you are having issues with Peacock App, it could be down to its servers. Downdetector offers third-party server status monitoring services that may help identify any server outages; otherwise it could simply be network connectivity issues; reboot your router or contact your internet service provider for further help if this is the case for you.

Close any unnecessary apps on your device. For Sony TV owners, check for system software updates by pressing the help button and selecting “System Software Update.”

If the Peacock app still does not function, try clearing your app’s cache to help address any potential issues with it. To do this, press either your home or quick settings button on Sony TV, select See All Apps, find Peacock app, and clear cache/data; finally restart streaming from there.

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