How to Get Peacock on Sony Smart TV

Peacock, the new streaming service from NBCUniversal, may not be available on every smart TV. If it is missing on your device, this could be because NBCUniversal and the manufacturer haven’t reached an agreement to include Peacock.

If the Peacock app on your Sony Smart TV is giving you any trouble, there are a few strategies you can try. First and foremost, check to ensure it has received an update.

How to Get Peacock on Sony Smart TV

1. Download the app

Peacock can be easily signed up for on computers, though most smart TVs also support its service. LG, Samsung, or other brands should provide dedicated apps that let users access Peacock content; alternatively Chromecast may allow accessing Peacock content.

It is usually recommended to download the Peacock app directly from either your smart TV’s official store or from online. Once downloaded, installation on most smart TVs should be seamless – although free use must comply with terms and conditions.

Peacock requires a reliable internet connection in order to operate correctly, if you experience errors try closing all other applications and clearing its cache, this often resolves glitches in software. Restart your TV then relaunch Peacock app if necessary.

2. Sign up for a free account

If you own a Sony smart TV, use its app to sign up for Peacock. From there, you can watch a range of shows and movies available through this service including popular programs from NBC as well as movies from other studios as well as live events from sports teams such as soccer or hockey. Downloading Peacock to your phone or tablet allows for on-the-go streaming!

If the Peacock app on your Sony Bravia smart TV is giving you difficulty, updating its firmware may be the solution. Press the help button on your remote and choose to check for system software updates before being prompted to install them.

If the issue persists, restarting both your router and modem may help boost network speeds and resolve app-related problems. If this does not help, contact Sony Support team for additional help, or use downdetector’s website to check whether Peacock App has gone down.

3. Install the app

Peacock is a streaming service offering shows, movies and sports in both free and paid subscription plans. For viewing content through Peacock you will require either a compatible smart TV or streaming device.

If your Sony smart TV cannot access Peacock, the first step should be updating its

firmware. Depending on your model, updating can involve pressing the Help button on your remote control and selecting System Software Update; once completed, downloading of Peacock should become possible.

Installing apps on a smart TV has become relatively straightforward, yet can still be somewhat confusing. First, ensure your television is connected to the internet and visit its app store; from there, search for Peacock and select either “Sign Up or Sign In.” If this process doesn’t work for you, performing a factory reset could be necessary.

4. Cast your content

Streaming content to a Sony smart TV is easy with Peacock TV on your phone – simply open up the Peacock app, choose your Sony TV name, and tap Cast icon. After that you can play any title you’ve stored on your phone directly onto your television! Peacock TV offers two subscription plans with the base plan being free (as of Feb 2023) but for more details regarding plans and pricing visit their website.

If you are having difficulties with Peacock Support App, restarting your device and ensuring it’s connected to a stable Wi-Fi network should help resolve it. If not, update your router firmware. Sometimes slow Internet connections may cause buffering or video/audio issues so conduct an Internet speed test on either your computer or mobile device to ensure stability before reaching out for further help from Peacock support.

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