How to Open a Sony TV Remote If the Buttons Aren’t Working

If the buttons of your Sony TV remote aren’t functioning as they should, one strategy may be to remove batteries and drain any excess energy by pressing every button with forceful palm slap.

Another strategy is to perform a power reset and clean the infrared sensor. Finally, ensure nothing near or in front of your Sony TV is blocking its receiver.

How to Open a Sony TV Remote If the Buttons Aren’t Working


There may be multiple causes for your Sony TV remote not functioning correctly, including batteries that are fresh and properly installed (referring to its user manual for details). Furthermore, ensure that its battery compartment and contacts remain undamaged.

If everything checks out with regards to batteries and compartment, then your issue could likely lie within software or with your TV itself. If this is indeed the case, try using either an official TV app like TV SideView or third-party remote control apps to reset Sony TV and see if that resolves the issue; if not then consider factory resetting which will delete all settings and downloaded apps.


If your Sony TV remote is malfunctioning, there are a few steps you can take. First, check that its batteries are charged properly and it has been properly paired with your television set. Second, remove its battery and press down its power button for 10 seconds to drain any remaining power out before trying forcing each button by slapping against your palm.

Google Assistant/Microphone: Use this button to access Sony TV models equipped with voice control features that utilize Google’s virtual assistant technology, specifically voice command features such as the microphone. This option may only be found here.


Ultimately, if none of these solutions work, mechanical damage to your remote could be to blame. This may have occurred from dropping it repeatedly or having water seep into its circuitry; to remedy this situation, open its case and clean with isopropyl alcohol to ensure optimal performance of your remote.

Your TV and its remote may require updating its firmware for optimal functionality, restoring functionality to buttons that were previously nonresponsive. Depending on your model, updating typically involves connecting it to an Internet connection and downloading the latest firmware from Sony’s website.

If your Sony TV is not powering up properly or the home button won’t respond, a power cycle might be in order. Try unplugging it from its outlet while holding down

on its physical power button for two minutes; plug back in and turn back on.


Power cycling the TV and remote can help address several issues. It can especially benefit if your television has been turned off unexpectedly or is experiencing system glitches; additionally it may help if its batteries have run low or have dirty battery contacts on its remote control device.

Depending on the model of Sony TV you have, its power button may serve multiple purposes. Some models feature a “Google Assistant” button which lets you search and launch apps using voice command; or use it to display its user interface. If neither option works successfully, resetting to factory defaults might be a better solution when other methods fail – though this option will remove personalization features, downloaded apps and connected devices but it might just do the trick!


If the buttons on your remote don’t respond as expected, replace the batteries first – although this might seem obvious. Also check to see that your battery contacts are clean: giving a dab of 99.9% isopropyl alcohol a quick rub might remove any gunk that prevents contact between batteries and circuit board.

If the problem persists, open up the battery cover of your remote control and carefully unplug its circuit board, taking care not to damage any buttons or components in the process. After taking these steps, spray 99.9% isopropyl alcohol over it all to remove any gunk or corrosion which might be stopping its proper function; after cleaning and reassembling it you should test out your remote before concluding this procedure.

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