How to Open a Sony TV Remote

Modern Sony TV Remote depend on their remotes for smooth operation. Losing one can be an infuriatingly large inconvenience – fortunately there are multiple troubleshooting steps you can try before resorting to factory reset.

Replace the batteries in your Sony TV remote as soon as possible – this simple step often solves problems!

How to Open a Sony TV Remote


Your Sony TV may contain multiple power buttons in different places depending on its model. For example, its back will often feature one in the shape of an image of a power symbol which must be lightly pressed to activate; if this does not turn on your TV try pressing again! Alternatively it could also be located along one edge and feature touch-sensitive switches as an alternative means.

If you’re having difficulty with the power button of your Sony TV remote control, it may be worthwhile trying some troubleshooting steps before replacing it entirely. First ensure that all batteries are fresh and installed according to polarity before applying a dab of 99.9% isopropyl alcohol to clean them. If this doesn’t help resolve your issue then replacing your batteries may be necessary.


Depending on the model of Sony TV you own, there may be various menus you can access. These may include:

If your Sony TV remote controls additional devices like a soundbar or microwave oven, try unplugging these items from the room while turning on the television to see if the issue persists. Furthermore, check that its IR sensor is free from debris or interference and that all information can be read accurately by it.

To reset a Sony TV and its remote, press the Power button until it turns off, then hold down and release Menu button until “Reset/Erase” screen appears on-screen. Release all buttons when message appears then follow any additional on-screen instructions – this should restore factory settings as well as any previously deleted menus; may take multiple attempts before completed successfully; buttons on remote will likely remap themselves after reset but most features should still work via keyboard access on remote.


Sony TV remotes feature an Input button for you to easily select a video input source for your television. Pressing this button will display an input source selection screen from which you can select among available HDMI devices, set-top boxes, gaming consoles and more.

Use this button to switch audio inputs on your television by pressing and holding for several seconds; volume will adjust accordingly. Clicking multiple times also displays connected devices’ on-screen options so you can select them before confirming


An app such as TV SideView on your smartphone allows you to control your Sony television remotely from any location – making it perfect for traveling when trying to keep up with favorite shows without worry over lost remote controls. Just ensure your phone shares the same Wi-Fi network and download TV SideView from Google Play Store to access this convenient option.


Pressing the microphone button of your Sony TV remote to activate its search feature will activate its Google Assistant and allow you to search content or open apps on your television screen. Unfortunately, this feature is only available in certain countries and languages.

If your Sony TV is no longer responding to its remote control, a hard reset may be the answer. This drastic measure will restore it back to factory settings while wiping away personalized features, downloaded apps and connected devices – although this might seem extreme. In truth it may work.

If you own a newer Sony TV with an infrared sensor, ensure the emitter on its remote is free from debris and gunk. Sony IR remotes can usually be identified by clear plastic section with stylized infrared symbol at their tips. In addition, be sure to connect to the same Wi-Fi network as your television and install Google TV app onto your smartphone for optimal performance.

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