How to Pair Sony Remote to TV

Your Sony remote to TV is an impressive piece of technology, but using its remote can sometimes be frustrating. Luckily, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to restore full functionality to it.

First, change the batteries – this is often one of the primary issues with older remote controls.

How to Pair Sony Remote to TV


If your Sony remote is giving you trouble, there are a few steps that may help to fix it. First, check that its batteries are functioning, then reset it if possible.

Another possibility could be interference from other devices, such as wireless speakers, keyboards or microwave ovens. Resetting your TV back to factory settings might help as this will remove all settings you have customized but could solve the issue entirely.

Now you can use an app on your smartphone to control the TV. There are various Android and iOS-based apps that provide full remote control interfaces with shortcuts for popular streaming apps; others require subscription fees but offer similar functionality. Furthermore, most can work with nearly every brand of television; some even come equipped with built-in voice search features!


Sony remotes and voice control capabilities are known to be user-friendly; however, as with any electronic device they may at times malfunction due to dead batteries, poor line of sight, jammed buttons or power cycles or factory resets not fixing the issue. If these fail then trying pairing a different remote or installing an app may work as well.

To set up your Sony voice command remote, first make sure that it’s paired and connected via Bluetooth to the TV. To do this, press the HOME button on your remote, select Remotes & Accessories, Bluetooth settings and finally SONY TV VRC 001 is displayed, which indicates it has successfully connected.

Sony Android mobile phones can also serve as remote controls when used on the same Wi-Fi network as both your TV and phone. The Sony Movie and TV SideView app provides this function among many others.


The Sony TV remote gives you control of all aspects of your television, from menu navigation and recording your favorite programs, to connecting other devices like audio receivers and Blu-ray players. However, if your remote stops working as expected, some troubleshooting steps might be required in order to restore it back into service.

Start by replacing the batteries in your remote with new ones and cleaning its buttons of any dirt or grime that may be preventing it from working correctly – using

cotton swabs dipped in rubbing alcohol is ideal for this step.

Next, power cycle your TV to reset its settings. If this doesn’t solve the issue, try resetting the remote to factory defaults; although this will delete all of your custom settings, this may be your last resort if none of the other fixes work.


Sony TV remotes feature an extensive list of features. In addition, there are various buttons you can use to operate different functions on the television screen; for instance, pressing the Power button toggles it ON/OFF as well as placing it into standby mode; also these buttons can change its Input Source source.

Other buttons on the home screen include “APPS,” which shows you a list of installed apps; “AUDIO,” which lets you customize program language or dual audio (depending on its source); and EXIT, which lets you return to previous page or exit menu.

If your remote isn’t functioning, the first step should always be checking its batteries, then resorting to factory reset. Be sure there are no objects blocking its infrared signals and clean the remote as necessary – or else!

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