How to Reboot a Sony Bravia TV

If your Sony Bravia TV keeps rebooting, a factory reset may be in order. To complete it, unplug and wait one minute so any residual power can drain away before pressing and holding both Power button and Volume Down button for three seconds to initiate it.

A factory reset will reset your Sony TV back to its factory settings, potentially solving some issues that arise with it.

How to Reboot a Sony Bravia TV

1. Turn Off the TV

Power cycling your TV can help resolve problems causing it to turn off automatically. To do so, unplug it from its wall outlet for one minute – this will drain any residual power and stop it from turning back on automatically.

Once the TV has been unplugged, press and hold the power button on it for 30 seconds before plugging it back in to its wall outlet – this will restore it back to factory settings – this process may take several minutes.

If your TV continues to turn off unexpectedly, try to determine whether an external device may be responsible. To do this, remove all devices connected to it and observe whether it turns off by itself again; if so, the issue could likely lie with an app causing it and updating system software may help resolve it.

2. Press and Hold the Reset Button

If your Sony Bravia TV still seems unresponsive despite all attempts at repair, a hard factory reset could be the answer. A factory reset restores it back to its original factory settings, potentially helping resolve more persistent problems.

To perform a factory reset, switch off your TV and unplug its mains lead. Wait a minute or so, making sure all residual electricity has dissipated before plugging back in and turning back on.

Now, press and hold both volume down and power buttons simultaneously until a green LED light appears on your TV screen. After waiting a few minutes for it to reboot (turn off and on again), wait a few more minutes until welcome setup screens appear twice, followed by auto factory data reset; this process erases all settings, passwords, downloaded applications etc so make sure any important documents are written down before performing a factory reset.

3. Power Cycle the TV

Power cycling your television can be an easy and effective way to troubleshoot many issues with it, without losing data in the process. Therefore, it’s often worth giving this step a try before progressing with more complex troubleshooting procedures.

Unplug and wait one minute before plugging your TV back in; this should help drain away any residual power that might be causing its unexpected restarts. Once fully charged, the television should start normally again.

While your TV is still powered off, press and hold both of its remote control’s UP arrow button and Power button until a green LED light appears on screen. Once that has happened, plug back in and turn back on; after rebooting completes it should return to its welcome screen; if any issues still arise please repeat this process of factory resetting your television set.

4. Restart the TV

Factory reset is a procedure that returns all your TV settings back to what was set
by its manufacturer, helping resolve issues like frozen screens or network connection failures. To do a factory reset on a Sony TV, press and hold both power and volume down buttons simultaneously for 10 to 30 seconds – when the green light on its back illuminates, release both buttons and reconnect power cord.

Prior to performing a factory reset, it is important to understand the differences between power cycling and soft resetting. Power cycling involves turning off and unplugging your TV for at least one minute while soft resets do not delete any information or apps from your system. Both methods may help solve some problems with your BRAVIA TV; however, both must be avoided if you experience software- related problems; using either will restore it back to its original factory settings while wiping all customer settings from memory.

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