How to Reboot a Sony TV With Remote

If your Sony TV is misbehaving, resetting it to factory settings may help solve many issues without impacting any data, apps, or passwords. First unplug and wait 30 seconds; press simultaneously the power and volume down buttons until a green light appears before plugging back in and pressing them until a green light appears again.

How to Reboot a Sony TV With Remote

Hard Reset

If restarting your Sony TV does not solve its issues, a hard factory reset may be in order. This type of reset restores its factory settings to help solve many issues; however, this method will remove all personal information and passwords stored on it.

Resetting a manual factory reset will depend on the model of television you own. You may be required to press various buttons on its panel or remote, such as pressing up arrow and power buttons simultaneously for example. Once complete, plug the TV in and wait at least 30 seconds before unplugging it again.

Once the process is complete, you’ll know it has succeeded when a green LED light lights up and you can continue using your TV normally. Before performing the reset process on your Sony TV, be sure to backup any personal information as well as disconnecting any USB devices connected to it before initiating it.

Soft Reset

Soft factory reset is often the solution to Sony TV problems. This method will eliminate many issues without wiping out all your settings – great if the remote doesn’t respond or there is an issue with display, while hard reset will often void everything you have set.

To perform a soft factory reset on a television, simply unplug its mains lead (power cord). Wait 60 seconds while keeping the television unplugged before pressing and holding both buttons simultaneously for 15 seconds until a white LED light appears on screen – this may take between 10-15 seconds depending on its model.

Once the light appears, wait for your TV to automatically reboot itself and display the Welcome Screen. A soft factory reset may also help troubleshoot software errors while clearing any unnecessary data off your device.

Factory Data Reset

This reset method is more extreme than soft resetting as it deletes everything from your Sony TV – this includes apps, passwords and any personal information stored there as well as custom settings you had set up on it. As it involves wiping everything clean from memory entirely it may require assistance in order to complete successfully. It should take longer than soft resetting as well.

Unplug your television from its power source, press and hold both Power and Down buttons simultaneously, plug back in, then continue holding them until a green LED light appears; this could take 10-30 seconds.

If your Sony TV is having issues, a factory data reset could be the solution. This process will wipe all personal information and apps stored on it as well as reset all of its settings to default; if this doesn’t resolve the problem, try another approach instead.


If your Sony Smart TV is having issues, a simple restart may help to resolve them. As this does not affect settings or data in any way, this method is safe and quick. To conduct a restart, unplug it for 1 minute so as to drain any residual charge from its capacitors – these hold back small amounts of electricity that can build up over time if left plugged in for too long.

Plug your TV back in and turn it back on, but if the problem still exists, try performing a hard reset. This process will restore all settings, configurations, downloaded apps to their factory defaults (including Wi-Fi passwords, Google account settings and non-standard applications). Before performing the hard reset make sure all personal data and passwords have been written down before proceeding as this may lead to data loss; additionally, ensure you disconnect the power cord (mains lead).

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