How to Reset a Sony TV Without a Remote

If your Sony TV is experiencing issues, a factory data reset may be the solution. Though this process will delete personal settings and data, it is usually the most effective solution for fixing it.

Begin by locating the buttons on the back or side of your television; their exact locations will depend on its model.

How to reset a Sony TV without a remote

If your Sony TV is having issues turning on, resetting to factory settings may be the answer. The process is easy and will only take minutes; simply unplug it from its power source before pressing simultaneously the power and volume down buttons until a green LED light appears; once this has taken place, your television should restart automatically.

Forced factory data reset is designed to erase all custom settings on your Sony Bravia TV, such as downloaded apps, system data and channels, Wi Fi connections and Google account settings. Although the process can take several minutes to complete, it could save you from future headaches with your TV if it has issues.

Before resorting to a factory reset, try restarting. This may help resolve some of the issues your TV may be experiencing while not wiping all your information out like factory resetting would do. This method is known as power cycling and should work on most Sony Bravia TV models.

Factory reset

If your Sony TV is experiencing issues, performing a factory reset could be
beneficial. Restoring it to its default settings will likely solve many issues while at the same time wiping your personal settings out. Before initiating such an action, be sure that no external USB devices are connected and unplug any mains leads from electrical outlets before continuing with this step.

Performing a full factory data reset on your Sony Bravia can be challenging without prior experience. To start, locate the button panel on your television; this may be on its backside, side, or front face and typically contains buttons for performing this operation.

Unplug the TV from its power source and simultaneously press both Power and Volume Down buttons until a green LED light illuminates. This process may take up to 30 seconds.

Soft reset

If your Sony TV isn’t turning on as intended or responding to commands, a soft reset may help. To perform one, unplug its power cord while holding down its power button for one minute, before plugging back in and powering back on again


Manual factory data reset can also be accomplished using the buttons on your Sony television, though this process will take more time than expected and does not delete personal settings.

To perform a forced factory reset on a Sony TV with Android 6.0 Marshmallow installed, a computer with internet access, a USB cable and all necessary accessories will be required. This process will wipe all customized settings such as downloaded apps, system data channels and wireless network settings from your TV before prompting for a PIN code entry if prompted.

Hard reset

If your Sony TV is experiencing issues, resetting it to factory settings may help resolve them. This process will erase all data stored on it and restore smoother running and app errors/issues for your Sony TV. To begin this process, unplug from its power outlet before pressing and holding both Volume Down button and Power button simultaneously until its LED light turns green – then release them both once complete.

Locate the button panel on your TV; this may be found either beside or underneath it. Press and hold either the HOME or ACTION MENU button for 30 seconds to access recovery mode menu on Sony Android TVs; this method should restore them back to their original settings as well as erase any customized ones that have been made. This process may take time, so please be patient while the process completes itself.

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