How to Screen Share on Sony TV

Screen share is an incredible feature that enables individuals to connect their devices remotely, supporting online education and remote work environments.

Sony TVs include screen mirroring functionality. To activate it, press the Input button on your remote control and select Screen Mirroring – once done, the TV will go into standby mode until it receives a connection from a mobile device.

How to Screen Share on Sony TV


With iMediaShare, your media content is instantly available on any connected TV screen or audio system – no longer do you need to pass around your phone or tablet when showing videos to friends and family! Plus you can adjust volume levels or switch videos using intuitive touchscreen gestures!

The iMediaShare app works on iOS and Android devices and is free for download, with over 7,500 smart TV models supported as well as Blu-ray players and set-top boxes supported. With such a broad user base and high ratings among “stream to TV” apps, iMediaShare has one of the highest user bases in its category.

The iMediaShare app is an effective way of sharing photos, videos, and music with your family. Simply connect both mobile device and TV to the same Wi-Fi network, select content to be shared and tap send. Your content will then begin playing back on TV; plus you can use its accompanying remote control to pause or skip songs as necessary!


LetsView is a free software that you can use to mirror the Android phone on your computer screen, working both with Windows and Mac systems. It’s simple and user- friendly – simply connect both devices to the same wireless network, then launch its app on both phones to select your computer name before entering its pin code into LetsView’s interface for connection.

Once connected, your devices allow you to enjoy photos, videos, apps, video games and other content available on the Play Store on a larger screen. Download our Samsung phone app and Sony TV app by clicking below and downloading using Windows or Mac computers – without needing additional equipment or cables!


AirPlay makes using an iPhone to mirror its screen on a Sony TV simple and straightforward. Simply make sure both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network and that all iOS versions have been upgraded so streaming content becomes possible.

To use AirPlay on a Sony Bravia TV, you will require an compatible device and the Sony Smart TV app from the Play Store. There may also be third-party applications available which enable streaming from other sources.

If your Sony TV’s AirPlay connection is giving you trouble, performing a power reset might help. Simply unplug it from its power source for 60 seconds, wait a short

period of time, then plug back in. This should generally resolve most minor issues; otherwise you could try an alternative such as AirDroid Cast – it works on almost all devices!


Miracast is a wireless technology that lets you stream content from smartphones or tablets directly onto a TV screen, similar to Apple TV’s AirPlay. However, unlike Apple’s AirPlay, Miracast works with many other devices as well. Setting it up is relatively straightforward; all that’s required for optimal use is an HDMI adapter compatible with your device (for iPhone users this would require Lightning-to-HDMI adapters); then plug one end of your cable directly into your phone before plugging the other into your television screen before switching the HDMI input source on your television screen!

Make sure both the TV and mobile device are on the same Wi-Fi network, then connect your mobile device to the iMediaShare app on both. The app will detect available devices and show them onscreen; simply select one and press play to begin playing media from that device; you can even change playback modes on this app as desired!

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