How to Set Up a Sony Bravia TV Without a Remote

Sony Bravia TVs feature various features to enable you to easily control them, including voice command functionality and buttons that allow for navigation of the television screen.

Sony Bravia TVs feature an easy way to reset them: use the power button. In order to do so, unplug and wait several minutes.

How to Set Up a Sony Bravia TV Without a Remote

Power button

If your Sony TV features a power button, you can use it to operate it without a remote control. Simply press it to turn your television ON/OFF, change input sources or adjust brightness levels on its screen – typically found near its power cord on its rear panel.

To factory reset your Sony TV, unplug it and hold down both buttons at once – down (directional) button and power (on/off). As soon as the green LED starts flashing, release both buttons and plug it back in; this process will clear out your cached files and speed up its operation.

Manufacturers hide buttons on TVs for various reasons: to create an appealing minimalistic aesthetic; prevent accidental settings changes from being made accidentally; and make the TV appear thinner as an important selling point for consumers.

Menu button

Many Sony TV models feature menu buttons to help you control your television without using a remote control. Depending on the model, these may be located on either the right, left, or bottom center of the television and may perform basic functions such as turning on and off, channel changing, volume control and volume management. Unfortunately these are limited functions so cannot completely replace remote controls but you may use them for basic tasks such as switching channels and changing volume levels.

The Menu Button is an essential feature that enables users to navigate an organization’s user interface (UI). You can use it to select specific items when the UI displays itself or change your input source with this button.

If you have lost or broken your remote control, using the Menu button to factory reset your Sony Bravia TV can also be done relatively easily – though beware as doing so will wipe all settings from your TV!

Control for HDMI

Your Sony Bravia TV features the Control for HDMI feature to easily connect it to wireless networks without using its remote control. This enables it to automatically detect and join any network that supports this technology when plugged into an

HDMI device that does, such as PlayStation 3 or 4 console. Alternatively, use your home button and navigate directly into Settings then Network & Internet; select Wireless Setup Wizard before following on-screen prompts to set up.

If your Sony TV remote is unusable due to low batteries or malfunction, there are ways you can factory reset it. Begin by unplugging it from its electrical outlet; while unplugged press and hold simultaneously the power and volume down buttons. After 30 seconds have elapsed release the buttons before plugging back in your television – once booted up you should be free to use your Sony TV normally again.


If your TV’s remote doesn’t work, there are other methods available to you for controlling it. One is connecting it directly to your wireless router via an Ethernet cable; plug one end of it into your television set and the other into one of the ports on your router – then use its settings to join a WiFi network!

One way to use a Sony Bravia TV without using its remote is through connecting it with a smartphone app. A phone equipped with backlit touchscreen makes navigating its menu much simpler; once logged in, you can watch shows and use streaming applications on it – this process may differ depending on which TV model it is. You could also try using USB keyboard and mouse combinations to navigate settings and connect WiFi, just be sure you have long enough ethernet cable!

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