How to Turn Off a Sony TV Without a Remote

Sony TV without come equipped with various buttons that enable users to control different functions. Many of these are located on the bezel or frame and can serve as replacement remote controls; additionally, they may also connect your television to online assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa.

How to Turn Off a Sony TV Without a Remote

1. Press and hold the power button

Not many people know this, but Sony TVs feature a manual on/off switch which can come in handy should their remote malfunction or they lose it. Furthermore, this switch is useful if other devices nearby could interfere with its signal, such as wireless speakers or microwave ovens.

Sony TV models vary, but typically their power buttons can be found underneath the center of the television set. You may need to reach underneath and feel around before finding it; as it could be set back slightly so a better approach may be to move your hand as you look for it.

Alternately, try pressing the power button on the bezel of your Sony TV to turn it off completely. These buttons work like remotes but are much simpler and quicker to find! Unfortunately they do not completely shut off the TV – for that you must unplug and hold down its power button for 30 seconds while pressing and holding.

2. Press and hold the volume up button

When your TV’s power button stops working or you have lost the remote, there are a few steps you can take. First, unplug it from its outlet and wait several minutes to let any residual electricity drain off before pressing and holding both “Down” and “Power” buttons simultaneously – once green LED light begins blinking you can release both buttons; this process will reset the TV and help it run more quickly.

If the above steps don’t do the trick, a factory data reset may help restore your TV to its factory settings and solve more persistent issues. To perform one, locate the button panel on your Sony television (it could be on the bottom center, left or right back of it), press and hold both power button and respective panel for 30 seconds until Sony logo appears and release both buttons.

3. Press and hold the volume down button

Modern Sony TVs rely heavily on their remote controls, so if they stop functioning it can be very disconcerting. But don’t despair just yet: losing your Sony TV remote doesn’t mean giving up watching television altogether; bezel buttons still provide many functions you would normally use a remote for.

These buttons make it easy to change the input source and display menu on-screen of your television set, as well as adjust volume levels via their + and – buttons.

To perform a factory reset on your Sony TV without using the remote, unplug its

adapter and simultaneously press both Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously. Plug back in the adapter and wait up to 30 seconds for it to restart – once done you will be free to use your television normally!

4. Press and hold the power button again

Sony TV is an industry-leading brand known for providing top-quality Smart TVs that utilize Android as their operating system and come equipped with various streaming apps. Furthermore, these TVs boast built-in Wi-Fi connections compatible with most wireless devices – however if an issue arises requiring factory reset to be conducted it can be done with the assistance of mobile device and the TV SideView App on mobile device.

To perform a factory reset on your Sony TV, first locate its power button. This may be located either behind or at the center bottom of the television; labeled with an icon representing power or simply “Power”.

Sony TV features multiple buttons with different functions: + (Plus) and – (Minus) are used to change channels or input sources while the Home button takes you back into its menu; in addition, this button also acts as a soft reset feature.

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