How to Turn Off Safe Mode on Sony Bravia TV

Sony televisions are well known for their quality and dependability, but occasionally experience issues. If your Sony is experiencing trouble, attempting a factory data reset could help – this will remove all applications and settings stored on its memory, returning it back to its original state.

How to Turn Off Safe Mode on Sony Bravia TV


If your Sony Bravia TV has entered safe mode, try power cycling it to restore its settings. This process won’t delete any information and is an effective way of troubleshooting minor issues with it. Alternatively, perform a factory data reset if the issue persists.

This process will restore your Sony Bravia television back to its factory settings. It should take only a few minutes. If you experience issues, please reach out for customer support for further assistance.

To reset a Sony BRAVIA TV, unplug and disconnect for 30 seconds before pressing and holding both power button and volume down button at once for 15 to 30 seconds until LED light on unit turns white. Release these buttons when LED light has changed to white before reconnecting the power cord; TV will restart with factory reset cycle complete.


Booting into safe mode enables you to diagnose and resolve problems more easily by temporarily disabling startup software and drivers that could otherwise exacerbate boot up issues. In this mode, uninstall or hide applications displayed on the All Apps screen; as well as uninstall or hide them if necessary.

This method is especially effective at clearing away unnecessary apps or unneeded ones from your home screen and making it appear more organized. Just be sure to sign out of any accounts before deleting anything!

To uninstall apps from Sony Bravia TV, first make sure that it is off. Next, use the remote control to locate apps you wish to delete using its Search functionality and press and hold the middle ok button on its remote control – more options will then become available with which you can select “Uninstall,” which will then request your confirmation before permanently deleting an application from your system.


If your Sony TV is experiencing issues, a factory data reset could be beneficial in restoring it back to factory settings – potentially solving more severe issues in the process. But be warned: it will erase all personal settings and apps.

Before performing a factory reset on your television set, ensure it is unplugged from its power source and press and hold the power button (not remote) for several

minutes before plugging back in your set.

If the problem continues, try power cycling your Sony BRAVIA TV. This will clear away temporary files and caches without losing your personal settings or apps; instructions may vary depending on your model – find them either behind, side, or below of your TV; alternatively remove batteries from remote controls to stop stuck volume buttons sending commands directly to TV.


If you own a Sony smart TV, updating its software could help resolve issues, improve its performance and prevent errors. A USB flash drive can be used to update it; first ensure the automatic software updates feature is turned on within Settings menu depending on which model of TV is in your possession.

Sony offers updates that you can download directly. After connecting a USB flash drive and formatting it as FAT32, copy any downloaded files onto it before copying them over to it.

Sony televisions will automatically switch into safe mode if they detect a power issue, such as power loss, surges of electricity or malfunctioning cords or outlets. If this occurs it is vitally important that all electrical sources be turned off immediately for at least 30 seconds before reconnecting the TV to power sources again.

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