How to Turn on a Sony TV

If your Sony TV won’t turn on, try plugging it into another wall outlet with roughly equivalent power requirements as yours. Make sure the second outlet draws roughly equal amounts.

First, examine what may be blocking the power button behind or around your TV, as well as exploring various HDMI inputs.

How to Turn on a Sony TV

Power button

If your Sony TV won’t turn on, the first step should be checking if it has been properly connected to power. If it is plugged into an intermediate device like a surge protector or power strip instead of directly into an electrical outlet.

Step two in setting up your television involves finding its power button. Most Sony televisions feature one either at the back or bottom of their screens; however, it may be tricky to locate. If this occurs to you as well, consult your user manual for assistance.

Make sure your television’s batteries are functioning as intended; if they’re not, replace them or try using them in another battery-powered device – if that fails, contact Sony customer support department for help.

Menu button

Sony LED or Bravia TVs feature a menu button to access various functions and settings. You can use this button to turn on or off your television as well as switch input sources. Conveniently located at the center of their control panels, this menu button can easily be reached using either remote control buttons or onscreen menus.

Location of Menu Button on TV may differ slightly depending on its model; however, it can usually be easily located by feeling underneath your television set. Be mindful of reaching behind the TV as this could prevent your hand from pressing the button properly.

The INFO, HOME and SETUP buttons can also help navigate your TV. The INFO button displays information regarding its current state and settings; while HOME returns you to the previous screen. Finally, SETUP presents an array of different TV settings and options.

Input button

if your Sony TV won’t turn on, there may be an electrical power problem. First make sure it is properly connected and untangled cables. If this doesn’t help, consult your manual for more specific guidance.

Change the video input source and see if that helps. This can be accomplished using either your remote’s input button, or by pressing physical buttons on the TV panel itself. Pressing one will display all available sources; use arrow keys to choose one.

Typically, Sony televisions feature power buttons in the center front of their front panels or around their stands; alternatively, you might find one at the back or front with a round button bearing the symbol for power.

Remote control

Your Sony TV remote features several buttons for operating its features, such as the Power button, (Up/Down/Left/Right), Enter button and Menu/Jump buttons to select different channels or inputs.

If your Sony TV refuses to turn on, the first step should be ensuring all cables are connected correctly and its power cord securely plugged into an outlet. Also try plugging another device that draws similar amounts of electricity as your Sony TV in order to see if that fixes the issue.

If your Sony TV still won’t turn on, try resetting it. This method is simple and won’t affect any personal settings or preferences you may have set. If it is connected via surge protector/power strip, disconnect and connect directly to a wall socket instead.

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