How to Turn on Sony Bravia TV Without Remote

Without needing a remote, you can operate your Sony bravia TV using only its buttons on-board – such as Power and Volume down buttons – which provide access to power and volume down functions, respectively. These can also be used to perform factory reset.

To factory reset your TV, unplug it and simultaneously hold down both of its buttons – Power and Down – before plugging back in.

How to Turn on Sony Bravia TV Without Remote

Power button

If your Sony TV’s power button has become lost or broken, that doesn’t mean that watching shows won’t be possible anymore. Instead, its bezel buttons still offer similar functionality – including turning off and on.

Location of Power Buttons Varies by Model Press and hold for at least three seconds to turn on or off your television set

An alternative approach for powering on your Sony TV is using an online assistant like Google Assistant or Alexa, and using voice control on mobile devices with them. This method can help when remote controls or Bluetooth don’t reach, or when factory resetting could cause errors with settings on TV screens.

Volume button

Sony Smart TVs feature an easy way to turn them on or off: an on/off power button on the bottom of each device that can also be accessed through its companion TV control app.

The power button can also be used to adjust the volume of your TV; simply use its plus and minus buttons to change it, or you can use its arrows on your Sony remote to navigate through menus and select different options.

One option for quickly turning on your Sony TV without using a remote is Google Assistant on your smartphone. With this app, you can control it with voice control – including turning it on/off/switching channels!

To use this method, first disconnect your TV from its outlet and wait a few minutes. While plugging back in, hold down both Power and Down buttons while plugging back in and when you see a green LED light let go of them when plugging back in.

Menu button

Your TV bezel can do virtually everything a remote can, making it just as simple to use! Simply single-pressing the Power button will turn on the television, displaying an operation User Interface (UI). From there you can easily use highlight selection to navigate between on-screen options by single-pressing Power button again.

Your Sony TV bezel also contains arrow buttons to quickly navigate between screens

and control certain functions, including changing input sources or muzzling the TV screen. You can use these arrows to move seamlessly through screens or control certain functions such as switching input sources or muzzling the television screen, among many other uses.

Sony Smart TV can also be controlled from your smartphone using an app called TV SideView from Sony Licensed Apps and connecting it via Wi-Fi, then using your phone as a remote. However, to factory reset it you will require using its physical remote because this will erase all personal settings including personalized home screens and apps that were installed over time.

Search button

Assuming you’ve downloaded and connected to your Sony TV via WiFi, using a smartphone app can turn it into a virtual remote for easy TV control if you misplace or lose its physical remote control. Downloading TV SideView app to your mobile device and linking it with Sony’s SideView can create an effective backup plan in case of lost remote. Essentially acting like a physical remote control for controlling all functions including power button control!

Each Sony model offers unique power buttons, with their placement varying depending on which model it is. Most commonly found on the back of the television screen, there is also a number and dot button used for searching content or changing settings; certain models also come equipped with voice-command capabilities via Google Assistant buttons; you may even connect your Sony TV to consoles like PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch to remotely manage its functions from your couch!

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