How to Update a Sony Smart TV

If your Sony television does not have internet connectivity, you can still update it using a USB drive. First download the firmware file from Sony’s support website (it should go to either Downloads in Windows or Downloads in Mac OS).

Next, ensure the Automatic software download or Auto check for updates option is turned on; this may not be available on all models.

How to Update a Sony Smart TV

How to Update

If you want to update a Sony TV, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. This process should be straightforward and will vary depending on which model of TV you own; for instance, depending on its model you may need to enable “Automatic software download” or “Automatically check for updates” options in either Setup, Customer support or Product support depending on its model number.

If an update is available, a message will appear asking you to install it. However, before this can take place you will need to agree to Sony’s Privacy Policy first.

To update your Sony TV, first download the firmware file from its manufacturer’s website and format a USB flash drive using FAT32 or NTFS formats on a PC. Transferring EPK files is then easy: simply insert and insert your USB drive into your television before following on-screen instructions to complete installation of firmware updates.

Downloading the Firmware

If your Sony TV refuses to update, a factory reset may be in order. To perform one, open up the Settings menu on your television and go into Storage and Reset before selecting Factory data reset – this will delete current firmware and restore factory settings.

To manually download an update, visit Sony’s official website and type in your TV model number (found on a sticker on its rear panel). Select Downloads; the firmware should download to either Downloads on Windows computers or GO for Mac OSX computers.

Format a USB drive as FAT32 or NTFS and move the downloaded firmware file onto it. Insert this USB drive into your TV, follow any on-screen instructions to install the update, and follow any additional steps as instructed – the entire process may take up to 30 minutes, so try not using your TV during that time!

Installing the Firmware

Updates provide access to new features and bug fixes that keep your TV running optimally, helping keep it up-and-running smoothly. Downloading updates online or via USB drive is quick and simple and requires no special skills for installation.

To update the firmware on your Sony TV, navigate to Customer Support, Product Support or Setup and select Software Update – then follow on-screen instructions for installation.

When updating from a PC, make sure your USB flash drive is formatted with FAT32 file system and only contains the firmware file you downloaded; otherwise, the TV may not recognize or read it and won’t update accordingly. In addition, stop any recordings (USB HDD recording models only). After installation has completed, rebooting will occur so you can enjoy all its features! It is vitally important that the TV remains current so as to enjoy its capabilities fully.

Checking for Updates

Sony LED and LCD TV models often provide users with the option of updating their software automatically through an Internet connection, providing bugs fixes, performance improvements and even brand new features.

For this feature to activate on a Sony TV remote, press the Help button, or navigate to Settings menu and Customer Support Setup or Product Support and ensure “Automatically check for updates” setting is turned ON.

Sony offers manual updates which you can manually download and install onto your TV using a USB flash drive. To do so, visit Sony Support site and locate the firmware update file specific for your model, download it directly onto your computer before moving it onto a flash drive for transporting to your television set.

First, connect the USB flash drive to your Sony TV and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the upgrade process. Please be aware that this may take up to 30 minutes and during this period you won’t be able to use your television.

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