How to Update Software on a Sony TV Without a Remote

Updating the software on your Sony TV can boost its performance, make you safer with new security fixes, and unlock features you love. We’ll show you how quickly and effortlessly to update it using just a few button presses.

Below is the procedure to follow when using an LED or LCD Sony television that displays an “Help” option on one corner of its screen.

How to Update Software on a Sony TV Without a Remote

How to find your model number

The model number of your Sony television is an identifying sequence of numbers and letters that uniquely identifies it, providing information such as screen size, year of manufacture and other pertinent details. You’ll typically find it located on a sticker at the back near where ports are, or via its settings menu on TV itself.

The first two numbers in a model number represent its screen size; for instance, 85K represents an 85in TV. The next two digits refer to its panel type – for instance an LCD television will feature an “L,” while an LED television features an “E.” Finally, the final letter represents its year of manufacture.

If you are not certain of your model number, you can quickly check it by pressing the HOME button on your TV’s remote control and accessing its Settings or Help menus – then selecting System Settings or Customer Support as the options.

How to download the update

Some Sony LCD and LED TVs feature the Automatic Software Download feature, enabling you to easily check for and download updates without using a remote control. You’ll find this setting under Settings, Customer Support or Product Support; to activate it you must also agree to Sony’s Privacy Policy.

If the option is enabled, when you turn on your TV or press the HELP button a notification message displaying “Available for Download” will appear on screen when activating or pressing. Downloads will take place through the internet and may take up to 12 hours to complete.

If the option is set to OFF, you will need to manually download and install an update yourself. To do so, visit Sony’s website and enter your TV model number; once you find a suitable firmware file for your TV copy it to a USB drive and insert into Sony TV; after several minutes it should prompt you to install.

How to install the update

Dependent upon the model of TV you own, updates may be installed by inserting a USB flash drive with the update file into it and following on-screen instructions. Once connected to the television, its POWER light will begin flashing white to indicate progress while an update progress screen displays itself; once complete, restart will follow automatically.

This method works for most Sony TVs that support automatic software download. To find an update file, visit Sony Support website and search by TV model number.

Make sure your USB flash drive is formatted as FAT32 to ensure compatibility with TV screens and programs. To format it, open either File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac), right-clicking it, selecting “Format Disk (macOS)”, then choosing FAT32 from the drop-down menu.

How to uninstall the update

If you own a Sony TV, it is vital to ensure the software remains up-to-date. If you do not have access to high-speed internet, using a USB flash drive may help update it – provided you take extra caution not to press buttons or disconnect power during this process as this could damage its hardware and prevent updates from working correctly. In case this fails, reseting may help with updating.

Make sure that the Automatically Check for Update/Automatic Software Download setting is enabled to receive updates automatically. In order to do so, please agree with Sony Privacy Policy by pressing HELP on your remote control and selecting Privacy Settings from there.

Finally, Sony LED and LCD TV users can update their TV without an internet connection using the USB method. This method is straightforward and can help improve its functionality – for more information visit Sony’s support website.

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