How to Use Sony TV Without Remote

Step one of turning on a Sony TV without using its remote is locating its power button, which may differ depending on its model; please consult the manual for the exact location.

Once you’ve located the power button, using your television without a remote is simple! Just follow these simple steps!

How to Use Sony TV Without Remote

Turn On

First, locate and press/hold the power button on your TV – this may vary depending on its model but is typically located either behind or beneath the screen. Pressing/holding for three seconds should complete this step.

If you prefer an alternate approach, connecting your Sony TV to an online assistant such as Google Assistant or Alexa and using voice control to switch it on may be your ideal way to turn on the device – although this method may not work with all models of Sony TVs.

An alternative approach is using a USB mouse connected to your TV as a remote. This enables you to easily navigate menus and switch inputs without the use of a remote control device. Alternatively, an infrared app lets you control it with your phone or tablet; making this solution an excellent option for people who struggle to use traditional remotes due to disability or inaccessibility issues.

Turn Off

All Sony TVs include a power button to quickly turn on and off their device, however some functions cannot be accomplished without using a remote control, including setting a factory data reset which restores it back to factory defaults.

To turn on your TV, press and hold the power button located on its back. Depending on your model, this could vary in terms of where this button may be found; some models feature one underside, left, or right of their TV’s body.

Make sure there’s nothing between your TV and its remote, such as halogen or fluorescent lighting, that can interfere with its infrared signal. If this is the case for you, consider purchasing an infrared extender to help strengthen its strength – otherwise your remote may stop functioning correctly.

Change the Volume

Sony televisions feature various buttons that allow for direct control without using a remote. These can usually be found on the bezel, such as power and volume buttons that can be used to switch on or off your television respectively. Furthermore, + and – buttons allow users to modify volume settings on Sony televisions.

Other buttons on the bezel of Sony TVs can be used to access various options or menus onscreen, including Apps and Quick Settings menus. Some models feature a Google Assistant button which can help search for content while opening apps.

If your Sony TV is unresponsive to its remote, this could be caused by a breakdown in communication between its infrared sensor and receiver of the remote. To address this, try installing new batteries or an extender to strengthen its signal.

Change the Settings

If you own a Sony Smart TV, there are various methods you can use without using a remote to change its settings. This is useful if your television has issues such as frozen screen or audio issues; occasionally a factory data reset may help as it restores it back to its original out-of-the-box settings and can provide relief for various problems.

Step one is to identify where the power button for your television can be found, which varies by model; some have one on the back while others feature it at its front near a power indicator light.

Once you locate the input button on your Sony TV, your screen will display available input options. Once you find one you like, press it repeatedly until it has been selected.

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