How to Wall Mount a Sony Bravia TV

Before mounting a Sony TV on the wall, there are a few essential steps you need to follow in order to ensure it remains secure and stable.

Before beginning, it is necessary to determine the VESA size of your TV in order to select an appropriate mount.

How to Wall Mount a Sony Bravia TV

Choosing the right wall mount

TV wall mounts can be an excellent solution in rooms that lack space for dedicated stands. Not only will you free up floor space for other furniture, but you may also gain an improved viewing angle and mounting options (VESA patterns). Before selecting one for your Sony Bravia TV, ensure it meets its VESA compatibility. Check your manual to be sure.

Selecting the ideal TV mount depends on a number of factors, including your wall type and size of television. Ideally, select a mount compatible with VESA pattern and screw placement of your television set – otherwise your television could fall off and cause serious physical injury! To prevent this, be sure to follow installation instructions provided with each wall mount you purchase; tools like tape measures and hammers may come in handy here as well.

Preparing the wall

Before mounting your TV, be sure to have all of the required tools at hand – these should include a level, tape measure, drill machine, power screwdriver, stud-finder and helping friend. In addition, use the template provided with your TV and wall mount kit as guides when mounting.

Be mindful when selecting where to mount your TV in the room, taking into account viewing angles, TV size and space considerations. Doing this will prevent unnecessary relocation after mounting and potentially creating more holes in the wall.

If your wall is comprised of brick, concrete or drywall with wooden studs, it is imperative that you purchase an appropriate wall mount that matches this material type. Failure to do so may result in damages to both your TV and potential bodily harm to anyone nearby; please read and follow any operating instructions accompanying each mount for more details.

Drilling the holes

Wall-mounting your Sony Bravia TV requires several tools. These include a drill fitted with a suitable masonry bit (depending on your wall material), spanner set and screws – as well as a spirit level or bubble level to make sure everything is leveled perfectly.

Before drilling holes for the TV to hang on the wall, decide where you would like it placed and mark its locations with pencil or masking tape. Next, use a stud finder to determine whether or not your wall is strong enough to support its weight – studs

must be at least four inches apart in your wall structure.

Make sure that the appropriate type of screws are being used on your wall. Otherwise, the television may fall and cause injury or damage to itself or to other people nearby. To prevent this from happening, always follow the mounting instructions that come with your TV wall mount if available; if not available contact its manufacturer to obtain them.

Mounting the TV

Before mounting a Sony Bravia TV on the wall, make sure that it can support its weight. Checking its manual or consulting a professional are two effective ways of doing this.

Use the VESA size of your television to determine its compatibility with a specific mount. This measurement indicates the distance between its mounting holes – in millimeters. Simply flip over your television and view its back for this information.

Attaching your TV to the wall mount requires following the instructions in its reference guide, setup guide or operating instructions. If you’re having difficulty locating these documents, contact a Sony dealer or qualified professional for help.

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