Sony TV Apple TV Setup Guide | How to Find and Connect Apple TV

Sony TV’s compatible with Apple TV provide access to movies and shows purchased or rented from iTunes Store, plus subscription channels like Showtime and CBS All Access.

Installing Apple TV apps on certain Sony smart TVs may be challenging. Here are a few helpful suggestions that might help resolve the issue.

Sony TV Apple TV Setup Guide

1. Check the Network Connection

Most Sony smart TVs support Apple TV natively; you just need to ensure both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network and connected. If you experience difficulty, try resetting your router or moving closer.

As another option, screen mirroring can connect your Apple device to a Sony TV – provided it supports this feature and has the latest firmware version installed. If your Sony TV does not support screen mirroring, either update its firmware version or use an alternative method of connection.

Sony TVs contain a special button you can press to force a system software update and potentially resolve apps that are having issues. Alternatively, clearing an application’s cache (the equivalent of clearing your browser cookies) may help resolve them – simply press the Help button on your remote control then select Status & Diagnostics then Software Update from there.

2. Check the HDMI Connection

Apple TV is an immensely popular streaming service that can be enjoyed across a range of devices, such as smart TVs from Samsung, LG and Vizio. Plus you’ll receive three months of Apple TV+ free!

If you’re having difficulty connecting your Sony TV to Apple TV, there are a few steps that might help. First, ensure the HDMI cable is properly plugged in; additionally, use only high-quality cables such as Premium High Speed cables.

Change input sources on your television to see if that helps restore connection between it and Apple TV, potentially solving the problem.

3. Check the Remote Control

Sony offers several TV models that run different operating systems, including Android and Google. Apple TV apps can be installed onto these models through search or voice features on the televisions; alternatively, you can download it directly from Google Play Store.

Sony recently unveiled that their 2018 and later smart televisions, such as their X900H series, now support Apple TV through a software update that started rolling out this morning in the US. Customers of these televisions will now have access to streaming Apple TV+ shows and movies as well as accessing a-la-carte Apple TV Channels and purchasing or renting content from iTunes Store.

To initiate the pairing process, press and hold both Menu and Left buttons on your remote for approximately six seconds to initiate pairing with your Apple TV. You may need to repeat these steps if no message indicates pairing has taken place.

4. Check the Settings

Apple TV can be found on most Sony Smart TVs and provides access to movies and television shows as well as Apple’s streaming service Apple TV+.

But an app might not appear on your TV for various reasons – such as an issue with Internet connectivity, software updates or app errors. Reinstalling or clearing its cache could solve these issues.

If you’re having issues using your Sony TV, double-check its settings. Resetting may restore original factory settings.

Before undertaking this action, make sure you save any sensitive or vital data before trying this. Also if you recently updated the Android version on your TV, rolling back may be necessary in order to restore compatibility with Apple AirPlay devices.

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