What is X Reality Pro in Sony TVs?

Sony BRAVIA TVs utilize X-Reality Pro picture processing which enhances low- resolution video content to produce superior image quality, increasing clarity while decreasing noise to create stunningly realistic pictures.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) images feature extraordinary levels of brightness and colour that more accurately represent what our eyes see in real life.

What is X Reality Pro in Sony TVs?


Sony TV displays must produce accurate and consistent colors, and one of its key technologies, TRILUMINOS, helps achieve this with wide color reproduction on various content and precise tonal gradation for vivid images with deeper blacks.

Triluminos technology utilizes nanocrystal quantum dot nanoparticles that illuminate the backlight of BRAVIA TVs. This makes the television more energy-efficient while simultaneously offering a richer palette of colors; quantum dots are arranged in a matrix and produce light when stimulated; their backlight uses monochromatic blue LED illumination which boosts contrast by eliminating color impurities.

X-Reality Pro uses various noise reduction techniques and an exclusive pattern database to sharpen and refine image details, producing lifelike clarity with natural- looking skin tones and reduced compression artifacts when viewing video content such as traditional SD broadcasting or DVDs.


The X Reality engine refines each individual pixel of an image to bring out fine details and minimize noise (speckling or graininess). It compares each frame against previous frames to understand where changes have taken place, then refines the picture further in order to minimise noise levels.

TRILUMINOS Pro offers true to life colors that faithfully reproduce original content, thanks to its powerful 4K HDR processor X1. Upscaling lower resolution image sources to true 4K quality while increasing brightness for clear, vibrant images is made easy thanks to this processor.

ClearAudio+ enhances TV sound for a truly immersive experience that seems to envelop you. It effectively reduces distortion, increases speech clarity, and balances different frequencies to deliver clear dialogue and music performances.

Experience your favorite shows, movies and music with premium features that enhance your viewing experience. Instant access to YouTube with one click; use Google Assistant to control TV and smart home devices; plus X-Protection Pro keeps your television safe from dust, humidity and power surges.

Acoustic Surface Audio

Sony has come up with an innovative solution to the difficulty of creating rich sound on flatscreen TVs – turning the screen itself into a speaker!

Two innovative actuators behind your TV vibrate delicately to simulate sound that moves within the picture, placing you smack dab at the centre of all of the action. Voices, special effects and background noise all sounding from their proper locations!

The actuators are situated within the frame and surrounded by subwoofers that produce powerful bass tones, fast enough to keep pace with on-screen action without missing a beat.

Our advanced Motionflow XR technology enhances image smoothness to let you enjoy sharper sports action and full-throttle movies, as well as reduce jagged edges on lower resolution content such as web videos or old television broadcasts.

Motionflow XR

Motionflow XR from Sony is its motion compensation technology designed to bridge the gap between recorded material and their screen refresh rate, and smoother movement and reduced blur.

Frame interpolation helps achieve this effect by inserting extra frames between original ones and comparing key visual factors between them to produce and display a closer-than-real image. It is known as frame interpolation and it helps reduce blur during fast-paced scenes like sports or movies.

X-Reality PRO is capable of improving video content from various sources by eliminating line flicker and compression noise even from low-grade broadcasting, internet video, and Blu-ray DiscTM content. Utilizing upscaling patterns it sharpens and refines images for incredible clarity while simultaneously reducing pixel noise with various techniques – particularly noticeable in darker scenes where contrast reduction makes the image look cleaner and more natural.

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