Where is the Power Button on a Sony Bravia TV?

Sony Bravia TVs feature an easy way to power on and off their television set: their power button can be found underside, just right of the SONY logo.

Before pressing the power button, make sure all components are connected properly and inspect behind and around the TV to make sure nothing obstructs access to its power button.

Where is the Power Button on a Sony Bravia TV?


Sony Bravia TVs feature an on/off switch located to the right of their Sony logo on the underside, used for powering on and off as well as resetting.

If your Sony TV is having difficulty starting up, there are a few steps you can take. Make sure that the power cord is fully plugged in before testing another device to see if that helps. Finally, reach out to Sony customer support for further assistance if that does not solve the issue.

Sony television models that can be controlled from mobile phones or tablets make life simpler if you have misplaced or don’t wish to deal with replacing a remote control. To use this feature, download the TV SideView app onto your phone and connect it with your Sony television.


If your Sony Bravia TV keeps switching off by itself, performing a system software update could be the solution. This process is quick and straightforward – and should solve the issue. To perform one yourself, unplug it from its power outlet before holding down both POWER and DOWN buttons simultaneously until a green LED light indicates that you’ve successfully reset it.

Sony Bravia TV power buttons vary by model; typically though, they’re under the center of the television near the front and can be found by reaching your hand beneath and feeling around under it. You should ensure no obstructions exist that might obstruct access to this button, otherwise this could prevent your TV from turning on properly. Alternatively, use a universal remote compatible with your Sony TV to switch it on or off remotely.


Sony bravia TVs feature physical switches which can be used to manually control power on or off. They’re generally found near the Sony logo on the underside, usually having circular shapes in either black or red colors and often featuring text or symbols to indicate its function.

Sony television models differ when it comes to where their power button can be found; some offer one button that makes changes depending on how long you press it, while others feature multiple power buttons with various functions. Furthermore,

pressing any of them while the TV is off will turn it back on!

If your Sony TV won’t power on, try plugging it into another socket in your home to help narrow down whether the problem lies with its power cord or wall outlet. If this still doesn’t solve it, factory resetting may be required to resolve it.


Your Sony TV’s remote control usage depends upon its power button being functional; when working properly, this button should allow you to manually turn it on and off manually; if not working properly then this may indicate hardware problems within its mainboard or backlight assembly.

Sony television power buttons typically reside either under or near the center of their television display screen, with each button usually appearing either black or white in color and featuring a small circle with a power symbol inside of it.

If you’re having difficulty with finding your Sony TV’s power button, try moving it away from the wall and viewing it from behind. Also try plugging another large device that draws power into its socket as this will ensure that its outlet works as intended.

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