Why Does My Sony Bravia TV Have a Blue Tint?

Most TVs feature various image settings that can be changed, including the ‘warmth’ setting which often causes blue tinting of images. Try altering this setting and see if that gets rid of the blue hue.

Blue tint on a television screen can be highly frustrating, yet often easy to address.

Why Does My Sony Bravia TV Have a Blue Tint?

1. It could be a reflection

Blue tint on your TV screen could simply be caused by reflection. This effect is especially prevalent with LED TVs, though LCD and plasma displays can also produce this result. To address the issue, try moving or adjusting your television’s location or screen settings accordingly.

Modern televisions typically provide various picture and display adjustment options that can be adjusted using the menu button on your remote control. When looking to remove blue tint from a picture, try playing around with these various settings until one seems to do the job.

Try restarting your TV. While this won’t always help, restarting may sometimes resolve an issue causing the television screen to appear blue.

2. It could be a hardware issue

Most TVs feature various image quality settings that aim to improve the picture, yet some may produce unexpected side-effects such as blue tint on screen. If this occurs on your set, try altering its picture settings in order to see if this resolves the problem.

If the tint persists, it could be due to hardware problems. This is common among older TVs as their backlight systems often burn out after several years; their LEDs use yellow phosphor coating that emits white light but this coating eventually wears away, giving whites on display an obvious blue tint which even covers darker gray and black areas in an image.

Possible explanations could include your HDMI cable connecting your TV and external media device being at fault; switching out with a new one and seeing if that removes any blue tint in the image.

3. It could be a software issue

Blue tint on TV is an increasingly common problem that may be due to various causes – from an issue with backlight or cable connection, or picture settings of your television set itself. Most often this problem can be easily remedied in just minutes!

Start by power cycling your TV – unplug it for approximately 10 minutes, and plug it back in. This should reset its microprocessor and help alleviate any blue screen problems.

If the problem continues, try making changes to your TV’s picture settings. Many televisions feature granular quality sliders which can significantly enhance picture quality; adjust warmth settings until they eliminate blue tinting. Also try disconnecting and reconnecting HDMI cables from external media devices – be wary of fraying, cuts or knots in them which might require replacing them if damaged.

4. It could be a color issue

Modern TVs feature an abundance of picture and display adjustments that can help improve the image quality, but setting these incorrectly may lead to unexpected outcomes such as a blue tint on screen.

Happily, this issue can often be easily remedied: simply navigate to your TV’s picture settings and adjust the color temperature until the tinting disappears.

If that doesn’t do it, try reseating any HDMI or other physical cables connected to your TV – this may help eliminate connection issues that cause blue tinting on the screen.

On rare occasions, your Sony bravia tv screen may develop a blue tint due to a malfunctioning backlight. This could occur if either its condition has worsened or brightness has dropped too low; in these instances the blue hue could even appear on dark grays and blacks on screen. A qualified technician is available to replace the backlight to restore image quality.

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