Why Does My Sony TV Have Picture But No Sound?

Sony is known for manufacturing high-quality television sets, from classic CRT Trinitron models to more recent ultra-HD LCD and OLED displays.

If your Sony TV displays images but no sound, the most likely cause could be either an intermittent system issue or incorrect settings for sound output. Here are a few quick fixes that might help:

Why Does My Sony TV Have Picture But No Sound?

Check the Power Cord

First and foremost, ensure the power cord is plugged in properly. This simple step should often solve the issue; simply unplug, wait 30 seconds, and plug it back in – this should reset your TV as well as help solve sound-related problems.

Be sure to inspect all transmission cables connecting input sources. These may become loose or disconnected from their connector ports over time. Switch input sources or try switching transmission cables if this solves the issue.

If none of the solutions above work, try changing the audio settings on your Sony TV. Some models include an option that prevents audio from coming through the speakers – to find this setting press either the Home or Quick Settings button and navigate to Settings menu – adjust Volume Offset accordingly and try again.

Check the Connections

Sony televisions are known for being durable, but their cable ports may still cause issues. This is especially true of connections between the Timing Control (T-Con) board and Main board; these PCBs control how your television panel runs by sending signals directly to each pixel row in order to keep its image and sound in sync.

If your Sony TV has pictures but no sound, first make sure the speaker volume is high and not set to “Mute.” Furthermore, ensure all input/output connections are properly established.

It’s possible that a recent software update caused your Sony TV to lose audio/video settings, so try temporarily disabling automatic updates to see if that helps solve the problem. If that doesn’t do it, T-Con or Main boards may need replacing; both can be easily found online for around $30 each if necessary. Alternatively, professional repair service might be worth investigating as well.

Check the Settings

As soon as you turn on your Sony TV, you should expect a beautiful image with stunning resolution. But is that enough if the sound won’t play? This issue could be caused by anything from temporary system glitches and incorrect settings to issues in its firmware.

Resetting your TV settings may help, and is simple: unplug and wait 30 seconds; plug back in, then try again.

This will cause the TV to automatically check for updates and download any necessary ones if necessary. Once complete, sound should have been restored! However, if it still does not come on, please reach out to Sony for further troubleshooting; they may suggest performing a factory reset to restore all custom settings and programs; you’ll find buttons for this on its remote control or menu screen.

Check the Remote

Sony TV owners frequently report an HDMI port is working, yet no sound comes through the television screen. To solve this issue, there are several simple solutions. First, reset all audio settings – this will remove all customizations made to the audio menu as well as fix any sync issues between video and audio that might exist.

Another thing you could try is disconnecting and reconnecting all external devices one at a time until identifying which is causing issues with the television. You might also consider updating your Sony TV firmware as regular firmware updates can include bug fixes and improvements which might help solve this problem; to do this, go into its Settings menu and then choose “System Software Update.”

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