Why Does My Sony TV Keep Rebooting?

If your Sony TV is rebooting continuously, the first step should be attempting to perform a factory reset. Doing this will delete all settings and data stored on it so it is wise to back them up before undertaking this procedure.

If this does not solve the issue, try covering up the sensor with some opaque tape to see if that solves it. Also unplug external devices like your PlayStation or TV box when they aren’t being used to ensure smooth functioning.

Why Does My Sony TV Keep Rebooting?

1. Check the Power Cord

If your Sony TV keeps rebooting, the first thing to check is its power cord. Verify it’s securely attached both to the wall outlet and TV; alternatively, try plugging it in to another outlet to see if that solves the problem.

An alternative possibility could be that Sony TV is having difficulties installing software updates correctly, requiring it to remain turned on during installation process for it to complete successfully.

Try disabling sleep timers or Eco mode on your Sony TV to see if that resolves the problem. Otherwise, perform a factory reset – and if that fails too then contact Sony customer support for additional assistance.

2. Check the Connections

If your TV keeps restarting, try disconnecting all external devices except its power cord in order to drain any residual power that might be contributing to its reboots. Reconnect each device individually in order to determine whether any are responsible for keeping it from restarting again and again.

One effective solution to any Sony television issues is performing a factory data reset. To accomplish this, simply unplug its power cord from its base station for several minutes before pressing and holding down on its power button while reinserting its cord.

Update the firmware on a Sony TV to fix its constant restarting problem by visiting its official website and downloading specific firmware for your model.

3. Check the Connections to Other Devices

If your TV is malfunctioning due to having too many devices connected, such as gaming consoles and set-top boxes, removing some may help halt reboots and see if your function returns normally.

Make sure your TV doesn’t overheat. If it is, try moving it or cleaning off any dust that might be blocking its vents.

If these steps have failed to resolve your rebooting issues, professional television repair services or Sony support might be necessary. They might perform a factory

data reset which will clear all personal settings and apps; be sure to back up any files prior to undertaking this step.

4. Check the Connections to the Internet

If your television keeps rebooting and Internet connectivity issues persist, the problem could lie with either your router or modem. Be sure all cables are securely attached without being damaged or bent; alternatively it could be that your internet service provider is having difficulty reaching you directly.

Disconnect your Sony TV from its power source and let it sit for several minutes to drain any residual power that might be triggering it to restart. A factory reset should restore it back to its original settings and may help resolve any software issues causing recurring reboots.

If these steps fail to resolve your problem, you should seek further assistance by reaching out to Sony’s support team for assistance. They will be able to give more detailed insight into any issues with your Sony Android TV model.

5. Check the Connections to the Remote Control

If your Sony TV keeps shutting off and on unexpectedly, try some simple troubleshooting steps to address this problem. These include verifying that its power cord is securely plugged in, disabling HDMI-CEC and Eco mode, disabling timers and disabling them completely. In addition, try updating its firmware – this may resolve any temporary software issues which might be responsible for reboot loops.

Finally, to restore your Sony TV back to its original settings you can perform a factory reset. This can be accomplished by unplugging it, waiting a few minutes, then reconnecting. If this does not solve the issue contact Sony customer support or professional for further help; otherwise please back up all data you wish to retain prior to initiating this reset procedure.

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