Why Does My Sony TV Turn On by Itself at Odd Times?

Are you having problems with your Sony TV suddenly turning itself on unexpectedly and can’t figure out why? Here are a few troubleshooting steps you could try.

Starting off, power cycling your TV may help resolve problems. Simply unplug it, wait 60 seconds and plug it back in again.

Why Does My Sony TV Turn On by Itself at Odd Times?

1. Check the batteries in the remote

One of the primary causes of Sony TVs turning on by themselves is low battery power in their remote controls, as weak batteries may produce stray signals which turn on your television without you knowing.

Replace the batteries with new ones to see if that resolves the problem; if so, this was probably its source and you can move onto other steps in solving it.

If this does not resolve the issue, disconnecting and plugging directly into a wall outlet may help isolate and identify whether an external device or firmware glitch may be to blame.

2. Check the power settings

If your TV turns on by itself while connected to external devices like a gaming console, Roku stick, or cable box it could be due to improper power settings. Disconnect all external devices and see if the issue persists – if it does then isolate each device or app by plugging them back in one at a time until you identify what caused it.

If the issue still persists, try performing a factory data reset on your Sony TV. To do this, unplug it from its power source and hold down the physical power button for approximately 30 seconds while unplugging and then plugging back in its power cable before turning back on your television; this should delete corrupted cache files as well as return your television back to its default factory settings.

3. Check the sleep timer

Sleep timers enable you to set an automatic shutoff time for your television set, using either your remote control or television menus. These settings help save energy while prolonging its life span and helping conserve resources.

This mode can also aid your sleep more easily by decreasing the impact of blue light on your circadian clock and other physiological systems. However, keep in mind that it won’t block all electromagnetic signals; some frequencies could still get through.

Goodnight mode will mute calls, messages and notifications without impacting devices plugged into television’s input power ports; such as streaming devices like Roku Streaming Stick.

4. Check the HDMI CEC settings

Third-party apps or wirelessly connected devices may trigger your TV to turn on or off automatically, so disconnecting and reconnecting each of them step by step until you identify the culprit(s).

HDMI CEC allows HDMI-connected devices such as gaming consoles, smart home devices and TVs to communicate. It is a feature which enables these devices to share power; some even come equipped with “auto TV On/Auto Power On” settings which automatically turn their TVs on when powering up.

Unplug and wait several minutes, before reconnecting the TV and pressing its power button to reset factory data and prevent your TV from turning itself on again. This should reset factory settings and prevent your TV from powering itself on automatically again.

5. Check the power management settings

Some Sony TV models feature a power management setting which automatically puts it into standby mode after a predefined period of time to conserve energy and save power consumption. If this feature is enabled, however, it could cause the TV to wake itself back up whenever someone turns it off – an easy fix would be to go into its settings and disable this feature.

Remove any external devices connected to the TV such as a Firestick, Gaming Console or Roku Stick; this may help identify which device is causing issues.

If your TV still won’t start up correctly, it could be due to software problems with its hardware. Visit Sony’s website for firmware updates for your specific model or contact a Sony support professional for additional help.

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